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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are We Paying For This?

Look, I like to party my brains out on occasion too.  So I don't begrudge anyone wanting to cut loose and get crazy.  But when I'm asked to pay for other people's Bacchanalia?  Can we talk about that first?

Here's the latest from that debauchery that just ended down in Brazil that the one-world government types named - affectionately - the Rio de Janeiro summit on sustainable development:
Dubbed the Rio+20 conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the Earth summit that set out a global path to protect the environment, the Brazilian meeting was everything that summits have become in recent years: a colourful event with demonstrations, celebrities, cultural celebrations, business round tables, intense social media and riot police.

As far as content goes, however, the meeting produced a vision statement that contained plenty of good intentions but very few solid commitments.

Generally, countries committed to pay more attention to climate change, and increase aid for development. They also agreed to eventually develop long-term goals for sustainable development — global targets for both the environment and for eradicating global poverty.

Timelines and amounts were absent. [source]
No mention of the cost of putting 10,000 people in a room over a period of several days to come up with that mission statement. But you can bet it was in the tens of millions.

"Countries committed to pay more attention to climate change."  You gotta be kidding.

But hey.  The margaritas were mighty fine.  And the hookers!  Who'll forget Mama Conchita and those buxom Brazilian strumpets ...