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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bipartisanship Is a One-Way Street

This is what its always been about:

John McCain: My friends, let’s call for an outside special counsel to investigate intel leaks — Senate Dems: Let’s not, but thanks for all the bipartisanship over the years

McCain has always been good at "bipartisanship."  Meaning he's always been there to put Democrat initiatives over the top when called upon to do so.  With a certain air of reluctance to make it look good.

So where have the Democrats evinced any effort at bipartisanship?

Oh.  Yeah.  Bush's "No Child Left Behind."  Bush's "prescription drug Medicare benefit."  Bush's creation of the TSA.  Bush's Patriot Act.  Bush, Sr.'s tax increase.  McCain-Feingold.  "Immigration Reform" 1986.

Liberal initiatives launched by Republicans.  Supported by Democrats.

Sweetness and light.  Harmony.

That's how we define the word "bipartisanship."

When both Republicans and Democrats join hands and promote liberal shit.

Thus the Tea Party was born ...