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Friday, June 15, 2012

Boucher Supports EnviroNut in 9th

Former Congressman Rick Boucher - he of  "cap-and-trade" infamy (wish you could take that vote back, big guy?) - has officially endorsed his fellow Democrat - and fellow tree hugger - Anthony Flaccavento - for Congress:
Boucher Endorses Ninth District House Candidate Flaccavento
By News 5 Staff

Former Ninth District of Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher has endorsed Democratic candidate Anthony Flaccavento's campaign for the House of Representatives.

The announcement was made in a joint press conference with Flaccavento and Boucher on Friday.

Boucher previously held the Ninth District seat for 28 years before being defeated by Republican Morgan Griffith in 2010.

Boucher told audience members he believes Flaccavento is the best choice to win the Ninth District back from Republicans. “I encourage all southwest Virginians to strongly support Anthony Flaccavento for Congress,” said Boucher. “He has helped to promote economic development and create jobs in southwest Virginia, and is the ideal candidate for this position.” [link]
Flaccavento has created jobs in Southwest Virginia? Love to see some proof of that.

In truth (a concept Boucher parted ways with back in the 90's), Flaccavento is nothing more than a consultant. Or so his website proclaims. A consultant pushing something called "sustainable development." That's New Age bullshitspeak having to do with windmills and organic farming and worshipping bugs.

Or, as a more famous environmentalist - one who developed something called "Gaia theory" - making him no slouch when it comes to environmentalist claptrap - calls Flaccavento's "sustainable development" pursuit:

Meaningless drivel.

So we have a Congressional candidate who espouses "meaningless drivel" and a washed-up former Congressional goofball endorsing him.

How Morgan Griffith must be smiling.