'In the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.'
- Abraham Lincoln -

Monday, June 11, 2012

Do They Really Think That'll Work?

The very liberal - and really smart - leadership in the city of Philadelphia has come up with a plan to make city dwellers there less fat.  They are going to put "healthy" foods - "apples, oranges, chips, candy ..." -  in 632 mom-and-pop grocery stores around town to provide an alternative to the normal fare.

Cost to the taxpayers?  Something short of a million bucks.

A social engineer's dream, right?  Put it on the counter and they'll buy it and everyone will be healthy.

Only problem?

The targeted audience won't cooperate.  Unless people have a gun to their heads.  Or unless everything else is wiped from the counter (google "light bulb ban") (google "Michael Bloomberg") (or unless the produce is subsidized and made dirt-cheap - google "Chevy Volt").

Do these really smart liberals think those 632 grocers - if there was a buck to be made - wouldn't have healthy foods in massive quantities on the counter already?  My experience with retail businesspersons leads me to believe that they would put shit-in-a-boot on the shelf if shoppers chose to but it and they could make a profit from it.  What, they think Manuel at the Michoacana Mexican Mercado has an aversion to lettuce and that's why he doesn't stock it?

It's not the presence - or lack thereof - of goods that influences one's buying habits.  It's the choices the consumer chooses to make.

Or the gun-to-the-head thing.

That's why you can expect the city of Philadelphia to soon abandon this silly bit of whimsy and adopt Nanny Bloomberg's approach to healthy living - ban everything except leaves and twigs (and Starbucks) and the people will be made whole.  Whether they like it or not.

Bottom line: The citizenry in Philadelphia is - by and large - fat by choice.  Putting lettuce on the shelf next to their favorite candy bar isn't going to change a thing.

- - -

* Philadelphia is the poorest city in America.  And its citizens are fat.  Historians will marvel a hundred years from now at that incongruity.