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Friday, June 01, 2012

Economy Takes a Turn For The Worst

George Allen released the following statement on the latest jobs report:
“Today’s disappointing jobs report is another reminder that the over-regulating, over-spending policies coming out of Washington continue to diminish opportunities for Americans. Far too many men and women are still looking for work or are underemployed three years after President Obama and Tim Kaine said that their $800 Billion stimulus would 'jumpstart' the economy. Chronic unemployment is the result of the failed economic policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine. More spending on bigger government programs is not the answer – the best social program is a job. It’s time for real leadership in Washington that will support pro-job growth policies that empower small businesses and job-creators by lowering tax burdens, reining in regulations, and unleashing America’s plentiful energy resources. As a former railroad worker, current small business owner and cattle farmer said today in patriotic Bedford, 'I want government to get off my back and out of my pocket.”
Spot on.

* Received via email.