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Sunday, June 24, 2012

He Has The Authority ...

... but is it the smart thing to do?
UVa: Gov. Bob McDonnell may oust entire board
By Tim Mak, Politico

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell demanded on Friday that board members of the University of Virginia settle the issue of the university’s presidency by Tuesday or he will ask all members to resign.

“Let me be absolutely clear: I want final action by the Board on Tuesday,” he wrote in a letter to the board. “If you fail to do so, I will ask for the resignation of the entire Board on Wednesday. Regardless of your decision, I expect you to make a clear, detailed and unified statement on the future leadership of the University.”

Controversy has dogged the university over President Teresa Sullivan being forced out by the school’s Board of Visitors, a move that has forced passionate protests by students, faculty and donors. [link]
I'm sure Governor Bob is getting a lot of pressure from UVa alumnae around the state who want the controversy to disappear, one way or another. But is it really at crisis point? Does McDonnell really need to intrude in the process so early on?

Patience and counseling, it seems to me, are called for. Not the heavy hand of government stepping in and applying even more pressure to an already volatile situation.

Back off, Bob.  And let those with skin in the game work toward their own solutions.  The Commonwealth will survive.