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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey, We're Here To Protect You From The Russkies!

I've mentioned, on too many occasions, my opinion that NATO, in 2012, serves absolutely no purpose (other than to funnel millions of American taxpayer dollars into eager - and bare - European coffers each year).  You're about to find out just how fossilized it has become.

Turkey - a member state in good standing - has called upon NATO to come to its assistance in its dispute with Syria.  A dispute that could erupt into all-out conflict.

Expect NATO to respond with alacrity.  With a letter.  Of full-fledged backing.

But nary a bullet for Turkey's defense.  That ain't gonna happen.

NATO exists and is prepared to act, you see, should World War II break out.

Meanwhile, meetings will be held, press conferences will be established, tea will be served, photos ...