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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life. Liberty. Property.

The markers we lay down.  The promissory notes we sign on behalf of our children, our grandchildren, and beyond.  The non-negotiable rules by which we allow our government to exist.

Life.  Liberty.  Property.

The people of North Dakota are poised to secure John Locke's declaration of the rights of free men with this:

North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

The tax on property finds its origins in feudal England, where tribute based upon property ownership was paid to invading conquerors.  It is viewed by many - with its confiscatory nature - as being little more than that today.

Someday all taxes outside of a consumption tax will be eliminated.

And America will be better for it.

North Dakota leads the way.

Here's to 'em.

- - -

It should be noted that Alabama has taken a step in that direction as well.