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Friday, June 01, 2012

McAuliffe For Governor? Again?

This must be a joke:
Democrats line up behind McAuliffe for governor
By Michael Sluss, Blue Ridge Caucus

The Terry McAuliffe bandwagon hasn’t left the station yet, but a lot of Virginia Democrats are jumping on board.

About 400 state party leaders, elected officials and activists have declared their support for McAuliffe’s anticipated 2013 gubernatorial bid. The former Democratic National Committee chairman is expected to make his candidacy official after this year’s presidential election. And unlike 2009, when he finished a distant second to Creigh Deeds in a three-way primary, McAuliffe has pledges of support from activists and operatives in all corners of the state.

“We believe Terry will be a strong nominee who will take back the Governor’s Mansion and help candidates up and down the ballot next year,” said Susan Swecker of Richmond, a Democratic National Committee member who helped organize the effort to line up support for McAuliffe. “His strong business background and big bold ideas will enable him to hit the ground running.”

The show of support for McAuliffe comes two days before state Democrats gather for a party convention in Fairfax County. And it will go a long way toward squelching talk of a another run for governor by U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, a prospect that already seemed unlikely. [link]
I'll tell you what impresses me about this announcement.  It required major organizing skills on McAuliffe's part to get all 400 of his supporters from his historic flame-out in 2009, supporters from all parts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to show up again in the same room.

Because that's all the support he had back then.  400.  If you include the illegals up in Prince William County.

And there's absolutely no evidence that he'll have any more now.

Maybe it was the autographed photos of Hillary he was handing out that got them together.  Who knows.  It sure had nothing to do with Democrats looking at coattails ...