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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nothing Good Will Come Of This

I'd like nothing better than to see our highly political United States Attorney General resign, but history tells us that this move will only stir the muck in Washington:

House panel recommends Holder contempt citation

If he gives up his office - as he should - fine.

But a protracted fight over Executive documents is going to get us nowhere.

- - -

But there is this:

Obama's Executive Privilege Has The Stench Of Cover-Up

I don't think these questions have been properly answered: Who in the Executive branch of the United States government set up and launched the plan to embarrass gun-rights supporters through the deployment of the infamous scheme that's come to be known as "Fast and Furious"?  And who authorized it?

Executive privilege, so you know, can only be invoked if the White House chooses to protect the President and his correspondence from Legislative overreach.  But the President has told us that he never had anything to do with "Fast and Furious."  So how does his invoking executive privilege apply?  Did he have something to do with it after all?

That leaves the big question: What did Obama know and when did he know it?

As the Wall Street Journal puts it:

"How can the President invoke a privilege to protect documents he and the White House are supposed to have had nothing to do with?"

Unfortunately we will never get answers now.