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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now, On To The Big Show

There was never any doubt:
Allen wallops 3 conservative GOP rivals to win Va primary, take aim at Senate seat lost in ‘06
Associated Press

Richmond, Va. — George Allen has brushed aside three conservative Republican rivals in the Virginia primary, setting up a fall battle to regain the U.S. Senate seat he lost in 2006.

Allen received 65 percent of the vote on Tuesday. Tea party leader Jamie Radtke had 25 percent of the vote, while Chesapeake minister E.W. Jackson and state Del. Bob Marshall each received about 5 percent.

Allen’s victory sets up a November clash with another former Virginia governor, Tim Kaine, in a campaign closely tied to the presidential race in a battleground state both parties consider vital for victory.

Six years ago, Allen had been heavily favored for re-election and a possible GOP presidential hopeful until his chaotic, gaffe-strewn campaign against Democrat Jim Webb self-destructed. [link]
There are actually two stories offered up here. One having to do with Allen's convincing win (congratulations, Big Guy). The other having to do with ... journalism ... such as it is.

That last paragraph you read above was inserted so that the Washington Post would publish the piece and its publisher would have a cool, refreshing wet dream in reminiscence. The paper where George Allen's election is seen as being a fate worse than Herpes.

Mission accomplished, AP.

Now, let's get down to serious journalism.

(I'll pause a moment to let the laughter subside with that one.  Serious journalism ...)

So let the games begin.