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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ObamaCare Rats Leaving The Ship

First to go?  Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel.  From yesterday's New York Times:

From "Ignorance, GOP Falsehoods on Obama-Care Doomed the Measure, NYTimes Reporters Claim":
Reporter Jodi Kantor took off her journalist hat to bluntly accuse the GOP of "falsely raising the specter of death panels in Sunday's "Putting On a Brave Face, but Preparing for Heartbreak on Health Care." The online headline left off the pro-Obama personalization: "Wearing Brave Face, Obama Braces for Health Care Ruling."

In the White House, many of his top advisers, including Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, counseled Mr. Obama against a sweeping health care overhaul. By summer 2009, with the country still stunned by economic crisis and Republicans falsely raising the specter of death panels, some aides practically begged the president to scale back, take interim steps and move on to other issues.
So Biden and that other guy were opposed to fighting for what became known as ObamaCare. News that incidentally finds its way onto the pages of the New York Times the day before it gets publically nuked by the Supreme Court.

Sure they did.

And I've got a bridge in Arizona ...