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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Only Himself To Blame

George Bush isn't Obama's only (worn out) scapegoat for our president's failings.  That darned Republican-led House of Representatives gets its share of hand grenades too.  If only it hadn't blocked all of our dear leader's initiatives, our economy would be in high cotton by now.

But really?

The Wall Street Journal provides a little ... ahem:
On Friday the White House blamed the third slowdown of its four-year term on Republicans for blocking the President's policies, but what policies are they talking about? In his first two years in office, Democrats gave Mr. Obama everything he wanted, save for cap and trade and union card-check, which would have done even more harm to job creation. They passed stimulus, ObamaCare, multiple housing bailouts, Dodd-Frank and more.

Even after Republicans took the House, they gave Mr. Obama the payroll tax holiday he demanded first for 2011 and again for 2012. Far from some new fiscal "austerity," overall federal spending hasn't declined. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has delivered monetary stimulus after stimulus—QE I, QE II, Operation Twist, and 42 months of near-zero interest rates with the promise of 30 months more.

Mr. Obama has had the freest run of policy of any President since LBJ. So maybe the problem is the policies.
Maybe the problem is the policies.

All of which Obama wants to continue.

How does that song go about "The Big Muddy"?

The big fool says to push on ...

Let's say otherwise.