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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Republicans Offer An Alternative ...

... to windmills, waste-to-energy, and wishful thinking:
Two Cheers for House Energy Bill
By Nicolas Loris, Heritage Foundation

Often when policymakers introduce legislation in Washington, the title of the bill doesn’t always correspond with what the bill actually does. This is not one of those times. U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R–CA) recently introduced the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, which would greatly improve access to America’s resources, bringing jobs and much needed economic activity along with it.

The legislation combines seven different bills that would open areas to oil and gas exploration, streamline the permitting process for all energy sources, provide lease certainty, and provide transparency and accountability on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. While some of the language focuses too much on federal planning of energy policy and delays implementation of regulations rather than preventing them, the legislation would increase energy supply and drive economic growth.

An important component of this legislation is that it streamlines the permitting of all energy projects. Receiving a permit for any energy project, not just fossil fuels, takes entirely too long. Duplicative and unnecessary regulations slow the process. Furthermore, environmental activists delay new energy projects by filing endless administrative appeals and lawsuits. McCarthy’s bill would create a manageable time frame for permitting for all energy sources, including renewable energy projects.

Government restrictions and regulations are significantly impeding the market’s effectiveness in responding to changes in energy prices and making it difficult for suppliers of all types of energy to produce energy and create jobs. The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act would provide America with much needed energy supply and a much needed economic stimulus. [link]
"The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act would provide America with much needed energy supply and a much needed economic stimulus." Therefore expect Obama and company to be opposed to it.