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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Roanoke Times Coughs Up Same Old Nonsense

We here in Southwest Virginia live in a region that contains approximately 21,326,219 trees (my estimate) (margin of error ± 3 trees).  In our forested region thousands of trees are cut down each day and tens of thousands of new ones sprout.

But there are special ones.  For some reason.  Known only to the editorial staff of the Roanoke Times.

Get this:
Stadium Woods is a special tract on a land-grant campus that over time has been covered with concrete and asphalt. It is a remnant of the ancient landscape that once covered the hills of Southwest Virginia. Students and faculty wander those woods to find a moment of calm. Classes meet there to explore an outdoor, living laboratory. Town residents enjoy its buffer between campus and community. Runners and walkers use its trails to keep fit.

There is no dollar figure suitable to measure such things. The cost of losing them is immeasurable.
Such horse shit.

Get out your hankie: "Stadium Woods ... is a remnant of the ancient landscape that once covered the hills of Southwest Virginia."

Earth to nitwits at the Roanoke Times: Southwest Virginia, excepting a few isolated outposts like the Virginia Tech campus, is itself still one big ancient landscape, still hilly, still blanketed with trees, still nearly completely pristine.  You shed (faux) tears over the fate of a handful of trees on 14 acres of  land in Blacksburg when there will still remain 21,326,206 (±) trees that you can still hug after those are harvested?

Gimme a freaking break.

"The cost of losing [several] trees is immeasurable."


It's not.

The value of those trees is totally measurable:

It's 1.05466667¢ - plus shipping - per toothpick on eBay.

Trees are a commodity.  Get over yourselves and get a life.

Want to worship "ancient" perennial woody plants?  Come down to my place.

They litter the landscape.