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Monday, June 11, 2012

This Is What It Boils Down To

Forget the first part of this babble from Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post, who appeared on The Chris Matthews Show over the weekend. It's your typical "if you say bad things about Obama, you're a racist" baloney. But it's the last sentence that hits the nail on the head. It explains his lingering popularity (in a few remaining circles) despite all the evidence to date that he's a colossal failure.

I think, in some ways, the way race might play a role - I think you're right, that the people who don't like Obama because he's black or because they think he's not eligible to be President or he's the other, they're not going to support him.

And I think, if Superpacs, if Fox News, if they sort of hint at that sort of language, I think it's going to turn independents off from Republicans. I think that's the danger that Republicans and people from the far right play, is going to be a blowback because a lot of women, especially, I think, they do, you know, take some pride in this idea that their kids are growing up in this country with an African-American President.
That's it. Nothing more. Obama's (half-)black. Be proud.  Vote to reelect him.

The fact that the USA is on a downward slide with real wages lower today than they were 12 years ago, with 14 million Americans out of work and another 9.3 million underemployed, and a national debt that has soared beyond anyone's ability to comprehend, yeah, let's support Obama because he's black.

My God. Where do they get these people?