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Monday, June 25, 2012

This Is Why McDonnell Should Have Stayed Out ...

... of the roiling University of Virginia mess.

First, see where our Governor felt the need to insert himself in the controversy.  And see where I admonished him for it.

And look at what it is that's about to transpire.  The University of Virginia is about to be taken over by the inmates:

"The board of visitors is reconvening Tuesday ... If the board capitulates to this top-down ultimatum, it ought to disband, drop the pretense of outside supervision, and turn the whole place over to the faculty that really runs it."

One tends to forget - this being the exalted university that Thomas Jefferson built - that it is owned in large measure by We the People.  And not owned by any measure by a grossly self-absorbed and detached-from-the-outside-world faculty.

University spending is out of control.  The Board of Visitors - recognizing the fact that the now-deposed president Teresa Sullivan either didn't have the wherewithal or the inclination to stop it - canned her ass.  Her employment was properly and justly terminated.

An action that the school's employees cannot accept.

My suggestion?  Fire them too.  The country is now awash in unemployed (and equally self-absorbed)  academics.  Those at UVa can be replaced overnight.

Suggestions aside, I ask again: Is this a controversy that Governor Bob McDonnell really wants to stick his nose in?