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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wikipedia Pulls a Liberal Stunt

There are few people in this country who would disagree with the proposition that Scientologists are - for the most part - nuts.

But even nuts have the right to speak in this country of ours.

So when Wikipedia opens its doors to the public, and allows anyone and everyone to fashion its content, but then singles out Scientologists for banishment, something, in my humble opinion, has gone off the rails.

See "Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology."

Reason?  Too often members of the "church" (founded by a man many consider to have been hopelessly nuts himself) make things up when they edit the "Church of Scientology" entry in its "free encyclopedia."

Henceforth the "church" and its principle adherents are prohibited from doing any more editing.

Oddly, the same Wikipedia continues to allow Democrats to edit the "Barack Obama" submission to its pages.

Making its steadfast policy on lies and deception seem highly capricious.

I would respectfully suggest that those who referee for Wikipedia reconsider their decision.  Don't start down that road.

Or, as an alternative, let me submit my list - a lengthy and ever growing list - of other people and organizations that should be banned for the same reason.

No, you really don't want to go there.