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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

With All Due Respect To Justice Scalia

How Barack Obama chooses to - or not to - enforce the laws of the land is not Scalia's concern.  Except when he goes into the voting booth, like every other American citizen.  But speaking from the bench?  Stick to interpreting the Constitutionality of the law for us, man, and leave the politics to others.

In the news:
Supreme Court splits its verdict on Arizona immigration law
By James Vicini and Jonathan Stempel, Reuters

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the main provision of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants but threw out three other parts, handing partial victories to President Barack Obama in his challenge to the law and to the measure's conservative supporters.

In an important test of whether federal or state governments have the power to enforce immigration laws, the top U.S. court unanimously upheld the statute's most controversial aspect, a requirement that police officers check the immigration status of people they stop, even for minor offenses such as jay-walking.

But in a split ruling, the court also struck down other provisions of the southwestern U.S. state's 2010 law, the first of its kind in the country, that the Obama administration had challenged in court. The votes on those provisions were 5-3 or 6-2, with the more conservative justices in dissent.

Justice Antonin Scalia read an angry dissent from the bench, saying he would have upheld the entire Arizona law.

It "boggles the mind" that the president might decline to enforce federal immigration law, Scalia said, referring to Obama's June 15 executive order stopping deportation for certain young people in the United States illegally. [link] [emphasis mine]
Yes, it's a travesty that Obama is abandoning the state of Arizona to illegals. And yes, his replacement is going to have to confront the growing lawlessness that prevails there.

But that is not within Antonin Scalia's purview as a Supreme Court Justice. He crossed the line.

Let us deal with Obama and the illegals, big guy. You stick to the Constitution.