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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WV Democrats In Rebellion

Efforts on the part of the federal government, lead by America's leading Democrat, to destroy the state's biggest industry will have this effect:
Democratic W.Va. governor won't attend convention
Associated Press

Charleston, W.Va. (AP) -- Democratic West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin says he won't attend the party's national convention, citing serious problems with President Barack Obama.

Tomblin is an automatic superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention. He says his time is best spent working in West Virginia, not attending the four-day political rally in Charlotte, N.C.

In West Virginia's presidential primary, Tomblin refused to say whether he voted for Obama.

Tomlbin isn't alone in sitting this one out - West Virginia's Sen. Joe Manchin and congressman Nick Rahall say they don't plan to attend the convention, either.

Each of the three faces a Republican opponent in November. [link]
Nowhere in America will you find better evidence that the Democratic Party has abandoned its traditional base than in West Virginia. In other areas of the country - like the deep South - Democrats who felt disfranchised by their party switched parties. But in West Virginia, that "my granddaddy was a Democrat and my daddy was a Democrat so ..." mentality reigns. So Manchin, Rahall, and Tomblin and lots of other politicians play a game in which they love their party but refuse to associate with it on the national stage.

Strange. But it'll get all three reelected in the state that Obama has forsaken.