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Sunday, July 01, 2012

According To Chief Justice John Roberts ...

As everyone knows, Michelle Obama - who was elected to nothing last I saw - is taking an active interest in what We the People eat and drink.  She's even gone so far as to applaud New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Stalinist ban on big servings of sugary drinks.

But her interest in altering our food/drink intake (as opposed to her own) goes well beyond Slurpies.  She wants to fundamentally change the menu.

But how would she ever go about making her fetish national policy?

Answer: With the help of her subservient husband, a willing and eager Democratic Party, and, now ...

... Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court John Roberts.

Here's the law of the land as it stands today:

Congress - when the Democrats control it - can offer "choices."  For example, it can "ask" you to buy health insurance and, should you choose not to, it can tax the living shit out of you because you chose  - in their eyes - wrong.

And Chief Justice Roberts is fine with that.  In his mind, our government has the power to tax and, therefore, it has the power to give you ... choices.

So on your next rip to 7-Eleven you pick up a hot dog and a Pepsi and go to the front counter.  The clerk looks at your purchases and determines the level of compliance with Michelle Obama's List of Federal Government Dietary ... Choices ... and says: Sir, you'll want celery and water in place of that hot dog and soft drink.

You decline.

The clerk says fine.

He then totals the bill for your two purchases and says: That'll be $47.12.

You ask: Why?

Answer:  You chose to pay the federal tax on your hot dog and Pepsi instead of making the wise choice.  So pay up, pal.

Michelle would be there to give you a big wet kiss when you decide properly.

Otherwise she'd simply tell you: You should have chosen the celery, moron.  And you wouldn't have had a problem with the United States government.

According to Chief Justice John Roberts, she'd be right.

Who was it said "The power to tax is the power to destroy"?

Who was it said Supreme Court Chief Justices (and meddling wives with too much time on their hands) were necessarily bright?

- - -

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would argue - and did - that there's something special about health care.  Like there's not about Slurpies?