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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anti-Gunner Decries Gun Violence In ... NY City?

With the layers upon layers of gun laws that the city of New York has enacted over the years, you'd think an advocate of gun control would use the Big Apple as a shining example of what works to control the lawless who walk the streets.

But MSNBC's Mindless Melissa isn't that bright.

New York the gun-free, violence-free paradise?

Anchorette Melissa Harris-Perry:

"New York City has been absolutely wracked by gun violence this summer. During the first week of July alone, there were 62 different shootings across the city and that was in just one week this month, a 28 percent spike in gun violence from the same time last year."

Uh, Melissa.  I think you just made an argument in favor of scrapping New York's approach to lawlessness - which centers around disarming the city's law-abiding citizens, and are advocating the NRA's position.

You go, girl.