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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

As I Wrote Yesterday ...

... while liberals have this uncanny ability to know what conservatives say but really mean, they also have a knack for saying things they mean but didn't say.

Today's example: God's gift to conservatives, Michael Bloomberg:
Mike Bloomberg Walks Back Comment That Police Should Threaten To Strike After Aurora
By Dave Jamieson, The Huffington Post

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has apparently pulled back from his statement Monday that police officers across the nation should threaten to go "on strike" to press for more restrictions on armor-piercing bullets.

Speaking on CNN Monday, Bloomberg took an unusual position for a leader of the largest municipal police force in America, arguing that cops across the country should band together in the wake of the mass murder in Aurora, Colo., to protest weak gun laws.

"I don't understand why the police officers across this country don't stand up collectively and say we're going to go on strike," Bloomberg told Piers Morgan. "'We're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what's required to keep us safe.'"

According to a tweet from New York Times reporter Kate Taylor, Bloomberg tried to walk that statement back on Tuesday. "I don’t mean literally go on strike," Bloomberg said, according to Taylor. [link]
Like one can figuratively go on strike?

Oh, well. He is liberal. So his heart's in the right place. Even if his mouth isn't.