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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Barack Obama, Serial Job Killer

This is a guest post by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, Pat Mullins.

Friday the 13th was an appropriate day for Barack Obama to visit Virginia touting his new tax increase. When you look at Barack Obama’s policies, it’s just one job killing proposal after another. Let’s look at some of the worst examples of those policies in action.

"What might surprise Americans, however, is how the President is setting up the U.S. economy for one of the biggest tax increases in history in 2013." The Wall Street Journal

"Keep in mind that Mr. Obama has already signed the largest tax increase since 1993. While everyone focuses on the Bush tax rates that expire after 2012, other tax increases are already set to hit the economy thanks to the 2010 Affordable Care Act." The Wall Street Journal

"The medical device industry says it could lose 10 percent of its U.S. workforce because of a tax created by healthcare reform." The Hill

"So the 2013 tax cliff is a big enough economic problem that President Obama now wants to postpone it for some taxpayers. But it isn't so big that he's willing to curb his desire to raise taxes on tens of thousands of job-creating businesses. … But Mr. Obama is demanding tax increases, not tax cuts, and large increases at that."  The Wall Street Journal

For Americans who are out of work and for job creators and small businesses, President Obama has been a nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s hope that, in November, this horror movie finally comes to an end