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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giving Credit Where It's Due

I would have expected Newt Gingrich to go charging into the lion's den, sword held aloft, resolve steeling his demeanor, No Prisoners! his battle cry.

But Mitt Romney?

Here's to ya, man:

Romney tells NAACP Obama made it worse for them ‘in almost every way’

I didn't read his entire speech but it appears that he didn't pull any punches when he made his case to the ultra-liberal group that long ago gave up any interest in helping the poorest - of color - among us.

Romney laid it out.  Continue to support Obama and black unemployment - already heartbreaking - will worsen, and Obama's health care plan will bring disaster.

His black audience took in his words and decided they cared not a whit about black unemployment nor disaster, and ...

... booed him.


Most Republican politicians, if they chose to attend at all, would have pandered to the crowd by talking about Martin Luther King and about civil rights generalities and about how some of their best friends are black and blah blah blah.

They wouldn't have won over any liberal NAACP members' votes either.

So Romney took the higher road.  He confronted them so that the outside world could see them for what they are.

He succeeded.

Here's to Mitt Romney for the display of courage.  And wisdom.

May neither disappear in coming months ...