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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Obama Didn't Get The Memo

So you know, it's strategically critical that Democrats continue to deny the fact that the ObamaCare mandate not be considered a tax (because of the underhanded parliamentary maneuver they used in the Senate to get it passed and the Republicans will use to get it repealed after the next election; it was a tax then but it mustn't be in the future).

With that understood, someone needs to get the message to Democrat Numero Uno:
Obama uses the 'tax' word to describe mandate
By Reid J. Epstein, Politico

Richmond, Va. – President Obama used the word “tax” to describe the health care mandate under his reforms, a departure from his prior etymological stance that it is a penalty.

“By the way, if you’ve got health insurance, you’re not getting hit by a tax,” the president said during his Friday rally in Roanoke, his third Virginia campaign event of the day. “The only thing that’s happening to you is that you now have more security because insurance companies can’t drop you when you get sick.”

White House press secretary Jay Carney last month insisted the mandate is “a penalty because you have a choice” whether to pay it or buy insurance. [link]
Uh, Barry. You don't want it to be a tax now. Or the GOP is going to stick ObamaCare where it belongs come January, and no Senate filibuster can stop it.

You might want to think it through, genius.

Key word being think.