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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Obama's Visit To Roanoke

Can I say something about Mr. Wonderful's speech to that adoring crowd up in Roanoke the other day?  Not about its content.  Everyone is having a field day with that.

No, I'm thinking about delivery.

Remember his Philadelphia speech from 2008 that had the liberal press soiling its collective Depends, it was that spectacular?

Take away the Ray-Ban sunglasses and tailored suits ...

Take away the teleprompter and thoughts prepared by others ...

Take away the fawning press ...

... and you end up with a mortal human being with some kind of faux accent (that he only adopts when he's speaking to a crowd of the great unwashed), an incoherent, rambling message, and a delivery that makes John Kerry, by comparison, look like Billy Sunday.

Barack Obama,  The Greatest Orator Of Our Time?

How about Empty Suit?