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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo of the Day

Every feminist's nightmare - scantily clad babes with automatic weapons:

No, I didn't take the photo here in Bland County (you can easily tell because neither goddess is tattooed nor pierced nor smoking; oh, and we have no beach).  It was published by the London Daily Mail.  Taken in Tel Aviv.  That's an Israeli Defense Forces robobabe.

Where, please where, do I sign up?

Caption: "Where to keep the spare bullets?"


* You'd think, by the way, that this would be the feminist ideal here in this country, wouldn't you?  Strong woman packing powerful heat to protect herself and those around her?

But no.

Feminists here - except for when they get caught with their jock straps down - recoil at the notion that anyone other than a big man with a gun and a badge be there to save them.

Odd.  Wonderfully odd.