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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roanoke Times Demands Monopoly On Influence

Ya gotta love this.  The Roanoke Times editorial board, in "Voters must take lead in campaign finance reforms," is outraged that "corporations, unions and special interest groups" exert undue influence on political campaigns and are far too opaque.

The Times, like every other newspaper in America, wants to exercise its traditional monopoly on influencing elections.  Everyone else should be regulated till he bleeds.

Me?  I'll believe they're sincere about regulating free speech when the editorialists there call for government regulation of the editorial page of the Roanoke Times.

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This is precious:

"The defeat [of the DISCLOSE ACT in Congress] was particularly disheartening because the bill had already been watered down to appease its critics, and the effective date bumped to 2013, meaning its passage would have offered no relief for Virginia voters already under siege this year from a barrage of lies and distortions underwritten by shadowy tax-exempt groups and their secret donors."

If there are to be lies and distortions, they need to come from the press, you see.

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On a related note, since we're big on "disclosure," how about disclosing the Roanoke Times's publisher's relationship with the abortion industry?  What's she up to these days?