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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Roanoke Times Wrong Again

Delicately put, what's this We shit?

The Roanoke Times editorial page, ever trying to explain what it is that the most gifted speaker in American history really meant to say but didn't, is at it again.  See "We the people built that."

The part that bunches my undies?

"Americans' taxes, pulled together, provide goods and services that individuals could never afford on their own. Together, we've built interstates and airports, grade schools and universities; we've funded research into diseases and cared for the elderly; we've preserved the most beautiful vistas in the world in our park system; we've watched over the environment and the safety of food and drugs; we've trained and armed a potent military force; we've created contractual laws and unfettered commerce so businesses could thrive."
In truth?  Especially as time has gone on, "we" have done none of that.  Successful individuals have.  Today nearly half of America contributes exactly nothing to any of it.  And, this being the "progressive" society that liberals like those at the Times helped create, the more successful you've been, the more you've contributed.

A fact: the most highly successful people in this country built all those roads and bridges, etc. (a question: would we even have roads or bridges if we hadn't had wildly successful capitalists back when who needed them so that they could transport their wares to marketplace?)  (another question: how much did that "99%" "Occupy Wall Street" vermin contribute to building anything beyond a serious case of lice infestation?).

Besides, that's not what Obama said.  And the slimeballs at the Times know it.  Here's how they try to put lipstick on Obama's pig:
The problem is that that "that" that that passage contains could mean:

>> Its nearest antecedent, "business." Republicans say the president believes government built businesses.

Or the truth:

>> The infrastructure supporting business. The sentence is part of Obama's larger point, "We succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together."
Translation: Skip the rules of grammar and syntax, all of which Mr. Harvard Law violated. Here's what God-in-Armani-and Ray-Bans really meant.

What, words have meaning except when they come out of the mouth of the most masterful wordsmith in history?

"You didn't build that" means what it means, fellas.

And no propagandizing from the likes of the Roanoke Times is going to change that.

The larger point:  Half of WE aren't helping build anything in this country these days.  They're sponging off the rest of us.

(click on the image to enlarge it)

And if that ain't bad enough, they're complaining that WE aren't doing enough to support them.  A whine that is most often chorused by the Roanoke Times editorial staff.

As America finds itself with fewer and fewer people who actually build things, America will sink lower and lower, quicker and quicker, into third-world status.

They did build that.  And now they're gone to Singapore.

* I will give the author credit.  This is the first time I think I've ever seen the word "that" used five times in succession in a sentence.  "The problem is that that 'that' that that passage contains ..." I kinda like it.

** Chart courtesy of the National Taxpayers Union.