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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Is Just Stupid

If someone were to come to me with such an analysis, I'd laugh him out of the office.  But when it comes to "global warming" theory, government scientists can come up with the most preposterous theory and it's accepted without question as part of the orthodoxy.

From the Associated Press:
Global warming tied to risk of weather extremes

New York (AP) — Last year brought a record heat wave to Texas, massive floods in Bangkok and an unusually warm November in England. How much has global warming boosted the chances of events like that?

Quite a lot in Texas and England, but apparently not at all in Bangkok, say new analyses released Tuesday. [link]
To a sane person, that would - at best - support an argument that we are experiencing partial global warming.

But how could such a thing be?  Either the planet is warming or it's not.  According to "experts," San Antonio is experiencing warming but Bankok isn't?  Hello?

Impossible.  Their theory - once again - is exposed as having no validity.

What these people are seeing is weather.  And they're trying their best to make it fit the mold they've created in their computer models.

Bottom line:  If the planet isn't warming the planet isn't warming.