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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tragedy To Follow Upon Tragedy

What a sweet, comforting notion.  Officials in Aurora, Colorado are fearful that mass murderer James Holmes will take his own life.  And they feel so protective of him that the Arapahoe County sheriff has forbidden the man's mugshot to be released to the press.

How nice.

So now James Holmes will disappear into the legal system.  For years.

Where he'll eventually be found guilty of something and sentenced to something and sent somewhere.

Many years from now.

And nothing in the way of mass killings in this country will change.

Deterrent?  Don't make me laugh.

As long as there is no direct and immediate linkage between crime and punishment, there is no potential for such actions to serve as a deterrent for other madmen.

A possible alternative?

With all the world knowing his guilt, drag him to the town square and shoot him.  And leave his body there to rot.   Now.  Today.

But no.

James Holmes has a comfortable life planned out for him for the years to come.  Three meals a day.  Law enforcement protection.  Counseling.  Shelter.

As we await the next murder spree to take place ...