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Monday, July 16, 2012

We're Racist & Anti-Woman?

Then why do we applaud this?

Black women with guns.

You feminists out there need to wrap your brains around this:

"For women, part of the tension around this topic is that women with guns are marginalized in a feminist culture that promotes unarmed resistance and “clean” fighting techniques. These send the message that as long as a woman does not have a lethal means of protecting herself, she is still feminine and worthy of “real” protection—either from a man, or from the police. To be a gun-owning feminist, to prepare to protect oneself against two of the most frightening enemies of female-identified people—rape and/or domestic violence—still strikes at the heart of what could be described as a feminist identity crisis, wherein women oppress each other with our inability to make room for alternative models of self-protection."

I would have worded that last sentence differently.  In truth, feminists oppress each other by demanding that women be unarmed and totally dependent on a man with a badge to be there to safeguard them.  (Good luck with that.)  The feminist ideal?  Really?

Anyway, black feminists are loadin' up on slug chuckers.

Here's to ya.