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Monday, July 02, 2012

When The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

The really smart editorialists at the Bristol Herald Courier call on Republicans to not try and repeal Obama's health care law.  For two reasons.  One legitimate and the other utter nonsense.

See "Trying to repeal health care law is waste of time."


1) Attempting to repeal ObamaCare now - what with Democrats controlling both the White House and the Senate - would be futile.  Which is - sadly - true.

And then there's (2): "Like it or not, the Affordable Care Act is [the] first real step we’ve taken in decades toward corralling an unruly, inconsistent and exorbitantly expensive health care system. That’s why total repeal is a dangerous step."

ObamaCare is the first step toward "corralling an unruly, inconsistent and exorbitantly expensive health care system." Except for the fact that, by all estimates, it's nothing of the sort.  It's a step in the opposite direction.

The cost of health care - if Obama's godawful mishmash of a law is left standing - will explode by the year 2014 (after the budgetary gimmickry exhausts itself*). Without doubt.

The Affordable Care Act is absolutely going to have adverse consequences the likes of which this country has never seen.

It needs to be killed before further damage is inflicted.

Unfortunately, that cannot happen until Obama and his ilk are driven from Washington forever.

That's where We the People come in. November 6. Be there.

- - -

* The law "pays for itself" - in the short term - by allowing for taxes to be paid into federal coffers the first four years but benefits to not be paid out until those four years have elapsed. It "pays for itself" only because there are no outlays.  For four years.  At that point the roof caves in.

** Someone needs to break that news to the Democrats' 6th District congressional candidate - the comically named Andy Schmookler - who thinks (does he really?) that the CBO validates such wishful thinking. Take away the accounting gimmick and - poof - reality sets in.