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Monday, July 30, 2012

Where The Lofty Oratorical Rubber Meets The Road

In the terror-plagued cities of Israel.

In this election, as it pertains to foreign policy, look for the candidate who is believed:

"Speaking to an often-cheering group of about 400 people in Jerusalem, Governor Mitt Romney gave a speech less notable for what he said than for the fact that the audience believed he was sincere in saying it."

As opposed to the other candidate whose lips move but whose words aren't believed by anyone.

Obama says he's there to support the Israelis.  Moral support anyway.  Support, perhaps, for those who are alive in the end and on their way to the concentration camps.  He'll be there to provide those wonderful words that he spoke the day he received his well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize:

"Peace entails sacrifice."

Just ask the inhabitants of Auschwitz.  The most peaceful part of Poland you'll ever want to visit.