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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Bain Capital Doesn't Matter

Honestly?  I couldn't care less what Mitt Romney does with his money.  But when someone takes my money, I have a stake in the outcome.

On that note:

"Since March 2009, DOE has received $47 billion in loan guarantee authority, and three of the first five companies receiving guarantees have already gone belly up, including Abound Solar, Beacon Power and Solyndra. Bloomberg reports that half the solar companies that have received loan guarantees have gone bankrupt."

Obama has wasted - wasted - billions of tax dollars.  Including mine.  On shameful pipe dreams.

And I'm supposed to be concerned about how Romney spent his wealth twenty years ago?


- - -

Another day, another reason for me to not care about Romney's investments:

Another federally-backed solar plant closes its doors

To be accurate, that solar plant that closed its doors was American citizen-backed.  It was your money and mine that is now gone forever.

- - -

With our money ...

More than 70 percent of DOE loans under Obama went to Democratic donors and bundlers, Peter Schweizer reported in Throw Them All Out.

That would be billions in loans to friends and relatives.

Off with their heads.