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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Helpful Suggestion To The Democrats:

Yeah, it'll make you feel better about yourselves.  And it will get some of you laid.  But you really don't want to go there if your intention is to win the hearts and minds of America's independent voters.  Why?

"[I]f I were a moderate, centrist, eternally indecisive swing-voter in a critical state and I switched on the Democrat convention to find a bunch of speakers warning about the threat to your abortion rights I would find it a very curious priority in the summer of 2012."

What are the chief concerns of America's moderate, centrist eternally indecisive swing-voters today?

From a recent CNN poll (in .pdf format) (click on the image to enlarge it):

Over half of all Americans surveyed consider the economy to be their primary concern.  Followed by the federal budget deficit and "health care" (didn't Obama fix that already?).

Abortion, presumably, would fall into that "other" category at 2%.  Along with Martian invasion, swine flu pandemic, the looming possibility of a successful Roseanne Barr presidential bid, and the worldwide threat of a herpes outbreak.

And the Democrats want to make the issue the centerpiece of their convention?

As Romney and Ryan focus on that NUMBER ONE concern of the American people?

Be my guest.