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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ABC, Stuck On Stupid

Hey, remember the militia movement?

Neither does anyone else.

Except the really smart people who are looking for a villain for an upcoming TV series at that fossilized TV network, ABC.

So guess what is born again.

Founding Fathers.

"It centers on Nick Keating who, after serving a third tour in Afghanistan, returns home to find his small Texas town under the control of a militia group led by ..."


What do you want to bet the bad guy's name is going to be Timothy McVee.  And his primary source of income will be an evil, sweaty fat dude named Rush Limbug.  And the protagonist's name will be Mighty Bill Clintone, Slayer of Militia Groups, and his gorgeous wife, the leader of a group that seeks out right-wing conspiracies wherever they arise.

A storyline that is sure to attract every decrepit human being who is stuck in the 90's and doesn't have cable.

ABC.  A network on its merry flight path to self-destruction.

Turn off the lights when you're done, fellas.