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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Because It's Worked So Well Thus Far

I saw a tourist here in Southwest Virginia back in March.  Honest to God.

Been looking for a second one ever since.

But let that not dismay nor inhibit those who earn a living telling us how great the tourism industry is going to be here some day.

Speaking of which, the cities of Roanoke and Salem are going to raise taxes again so that the floodgates can be opened even wider to all those disposable-income overwhelmed tourists so that they can come down here and savor our rocks and bushes.

""The only thing we need to do is let people know about it and that's called marketing and it takes money to make that happen."

Oh, so that's all it takes.  Something called marketing.  Sweet!  Why didn't every other municipality in America think of that?

In fact, they have.

In fact, every other municipality in this country is marketing the living crap out of their wondrous tourist interests.  Dollywood has Dolly and her really huge coaster rides.  DisneyWorld markets Cinderella and Epcot and Typhhon Lagoon and Disneyquest and Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

We have boulders and weeds.  So let's do it!

Oh, I almost forgot.  We also have that horseback riding trail that cost $750,000, courtesy of another dude who was big on tourism and devoid of ideas that might actually improve the economy around here.

So area "marketers" are going after the tourist buck.  Again.

Four months and counting.  Look!  There's a tourist!  Over there!  Buying a twinkie at that 7-Eleven!  Take a picture!  Take a picture!