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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blacksburg Moves To Keep Mexicans Out?

How else to explain its decision to "strengthen" its zoning ordinance(s) relating to "over-occupancy" of town residences?  What might have brought this about if it weren't for the prospect that Blacksburg might be overrun by illegals?

At a planning commission meeting held last month, which you can follow here, two ordinances were introduced and accepted, with little comment.  Why were ordinances 1649 and 1651 needed exactly?

Who knows.

But you folks in Blacksburg might be looking for a knock on the door any day now and have some local zoning enforcer nose through your closets (with a warrant, I'm sure ...), searching for bodies.

Over-occupancy.  The stuff busybodies - and xenophobes - have sleepless nights over.