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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breaking News From 1942

How times have changed.  How we do take some things for granted these days.

An advertisement in Time magazine, November 9, 1942:
B.F. Goodrich
Sensational rubber-saving development promisesbig after-war savings for commercial users

Climaxing a 50-year dream of tire engineers, the B.F. Goodrich Company announces an invention which eliminates the use of inner tubes in heavy vehicles.  The new B.F. Goodrich tire has been tested and proved both in the laboratory and on the highway and is now undergoing further impartial tests.
The Silvertown that doesn't need a tube has been made possible by a simple change in truck tire design plus a mechanical device the details of which are being kept secret in the interest of national defense. The tire is inflated just like any ordinary tire and tube - but instead of the air going into a tube, it goes directly into the tire and stays there.

Remember, the inner tube is the source of much tire trouble. Do away with the tube and you have eliminated the cause of many, many failures! Mounting tires is easier. And repairs can be made quickly because there is no tube to consider. Just think what this would mean in terms of lower costs, fewer delays, and simplified repairs! In war or peace, you can always look to B.F. Goodrich for leadership. 
Yes, children. There was a day when tires had rubber tubes inside.