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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Earth To Roanoke Times:

The day is coming.  And it's not far off.

Entitlements in this country were, for a long time, a burden the American taxpayer could shoulder.  Even as those government giveaways got more and more expansive.  More and more elaborate.  More and more expensive.  But demographics and a rapidly changing economic base have ended that.  We ran out of money years ago and are paying for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (and SCHIP and ObamaCare and Part D and food stamps and ...) with borrowed money.

So take your cheap shots at Paul Ryan for trying to rein in those out-of-control, unaffordable, ultimately disastrous programs if you will, but you do your readers - and America's future - no favors in doing so.

We're broke.  And getting broker every day.  The sooner you admit that and actually bring solutions to the editorial page, as opposed to the Democrat Party talking points that you're so eager to parrot, the better off your readers will be.