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Saturday, August 04, 2012

George Bush's Legacy

I remember wondering, after 9-11, how we came to the point, in our national effort to combat global terrorism, that we felt the need to fire every airport screener in the country and replace all of them with government employees.  How was that to make us safer again?

Well, the other shoe has finally fallen:
Airport screeners get union rights for first time
By Sam Hananel, Associated Press

The union representing nearly 45,000 airport screeners has reached a first-ever collective bargaining agreement with the Transportation Security Administration.

The agreement, reached Thursday, comes more than a year after TSA head John S. Pistole agreed to grant screeners limited union rights for the first time since the agency was formed in 2001.

Screeners who X-ray bags and guide passengers through security had been among the few federal employees without union rights. [link]
I feel safer. You?

George W. Bush added to the roles of unionized federal employees in order to fight al Qaeda.

For the love of God.