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Monday, August 06, 2012

'Green Energy' Still a Dead Horse

Want to see a video of Obama bragging about how his "green energy" initiative has produced "8 to 10 jobs"?

(That's right.  8 to 10.  While 13,000,000 go without.)

Go here.

Want to learn how those 8 to 10 jobs may soon go the way of all the other "green" jobs that our President has "created"?

Go here.

Meanwhile coal jobs are being destroyed, oil drilling rigs sit idle, pipeline workers wait for Obama's moratorium to lift, ObamaCare has halted America's corporations in their tracks, those with investment capital are fleeing to Singapore, and a mind-numbing array of federal regulations have squelched small business hiring,

And Obama brags about 8 to 10 jobs that are here and soon will be gone.

For the love of God.  Make it stop.