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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Griffith's Extended Remarks

As submitted in the form of a press release:
"I want to welcome Vice President Joe Biden to Southern and Western Virginia. This is an excellent opportunity for him to clearly see the destructive impact his and President Obama's policies are having on Southwest Virginia. He will not have to look far to see the damage caused by President Obama's war on coal and assault on small business.

"Instead of helping Southwest Virginia workers, they have devastated the region's economy at a time when families are already struggling to make ends meet. It's not just coal country, either. Maybe the Vice President will drive through Martinsville and Bassett to see how the policies of this administration haven't helped a region that has the highest unemployment in the state.

"Instead of making speeches and holding photo-ops, I invite the Vice President to put politicking aside and join me to see the very real and very harsh human impact his and President Obama's policies have had. I want to introduce him to the people he and President Obama have put out of work, and show him the businesses that have failed because of their policies.

"Unfortunately, I suspect the Vice President would rather hold another made-for-media campaign event in order to try and maintain the farce that Southwest Virginians would somehow be better off with him and President Obama in office. Anyone who takes the time to look past the banners and bunting of that event will see it just isn't so, Joe.

"As Southwest Virginia's Congressman, I am keenly aware of the damage that has been done to the region's families by the Obama-Biden Administration. I have seen the damage they have caused to the coal industry, its workers and the businesses that survive by supporting coal mining. I have talked with the small business owners and farmers who have been hurt by this administration. I have listened to the moms and dads and grandparents who are worried about our spending crisis, and what kind of debt our children will have to repay.

"The families and businesses of Southwest Virginia will have a brighter future when President Obama and Vice President Obama are no longer in office come this January."
You tell 'em, Mr. Griffith. After what Biden and Obama have done to us, the Veep has a lot of nerve coming down here.