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Monday, August 06, 2012

I Have a Better Idea

Someday a climate specialist is going to calculate the carbon footprint that a locomotive generates.

Someday, too, a psychologist is going to explain the urge some disturbed individuals have that makes them believe that 18th century transportation technology is somehow superior to our current means of conveyance.

Speaking of the disturbed, we have this from the Bristol Herald Courier:

Take a serious look at reviving passenger rail

"[I]n an age of rising gas prices and increasing vehicular and truck traffic, particularly on the Interstate 81 corridor, a serious look at increasing the use of existing rail lines in an overall transportation plan begins to make sense."

Does it?

I have a better idea:


It's cheaper.  And it doesn't pollute the planet nearly as much as those stinky locomotives do.

A win-win.

But why am I trying to reason with the hopelessly delusional ...