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Saturday, August 18, 2012

'Just Say No To Biden'

From the Scott Lingamfelter for Lieutenant Governor campaign:

There are lots of ways to describe this word. But for me it's having the internal fortitude to say and do what isn't easy in order to take a stand for the greater good, particularly when it comes with personal and professional risk. In the military, the soldiers I served with depended on each other-and their leaders-to have the guts to do what was right even when it came at great costs.

We saw guts on display this week in Radford, Virginia with the actions of Chris McMurray, who, when approached by the advance team of Vice President (and national clown) Joe Biden to arrange a "drop by", declined the invitation.

Chris, who owns "Crumb and Get It", a small bakery (that he built), said "no thanks" to Biden's stage crew, sending a shock wave through the news media, who was abuzz with the audacity (guts) of a fellow who profoundly disagrees with the policies of President Obama and his Administration, including the Vice President who has attained national recognition as a blabber mouth.

Chris showed the kind of guts that we need in America, the kind of guts that says "no" to power, "no" to the media glare, and "no" to an Administration that is hard at work destroying the free enterprise system as we know it.

That's the kind of guts I admire and respect. More power to you, Chris. Let's hope many others across America stand up as you have when the Obama-Biden circus comes to town. Maybe they will have to settle for an event at the local community organizer's headquarters. That's something they may actually have built, certainly not a real business.

Elections matter, folks. Get out there and get busy. Volunteer for your local GOP committee, make calls, knock on doors, write letters, register conservatives to vote, and work as you never have to stand up for our Constitution, families, and small businesses. We can't afford another four years of Obama-Biden.

On to Victory!