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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kaine Has a Lot Of Nerve

He's actually going to show his face here in Southwest Virginia and tell us - with a straight face - how much he and Obama have done - and will do - for us.

The RPV offers up a reminder:
As Tim Kaine travels in Southwest Virginia over the next few days claiming to be for Virginia jobs - Southwest Virginia families should be reminded of his support of job-killing energy policies and regulations that would further hurt the region and bring skyrocketing electricity costs. Tim Kaine has "long advocated" for a national cap and trade tax that could cost Virginia over 40,000 jobs. And EPA regulations? He says "my advice is, don't try to weaken regulations" - regulations that could have devastating effects on Virginia jobs.

"Coal is essential to the economic prosperity of Southwest Virginia. Our vast amount of natural resources fuels our economy, providing Virginia families with thousands of jobs and affordable electricity," said Delegate Israel O'Quinn. "But as Tim Kaine stands by President Obama's side in support of the national Cap and Trade energy tax and harmful EPA regulation, he is putting thousands of Virginia jobs at risk, particularly those in Southwest Virginia. We cannot afford the harmful EPA regulations that will shut down clean coal power plants, eliminate coal mining and put thousands of Virginians out of work--our unemployment rate is high enough as it is. Tim Kaine is either for us or against us; there is no room for waffling and mealy-mouthing on this issue. The hardworking families of Southwest Virginia will remember who has consistently supported our region when we go to the polls in November."

Virginia families need a Senator who will stand up for Virginia energy by allowing us to unleash our energy resources, creating thousands of new jobs for hardworking Virginians. George Allen hopes to bring positive solutions for Virginia's energy independence to the U.S. Senate, leading the way towards America's Comeback.
These guys are destructive to our way of life. Vote accordingly.

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