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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


What's to be done when Republicans - Republicans! - join Democrats in blocking efforts to reduce taxes, corral the influence public employees unions exert, and jump-start a faltering economy?

Answer: Vote!
Conservatives win big in Kansas Senate primaries
By John Hanna, Associated Press

Conservative Republicans who've been working to push GOP moderates out of state legislatures in a large section of the country have scored big victories in Kansas, where a state Senate that has been an obstacle to fiscal and social policy changes is likely to have a solid majority on the right next year.

Unlike other states, where results for conservatives have been mixed, Tuesday's primary in Kansas saw voters in GOP races oust seven incumbent moderate senators. An eighth, Senate President Steve Morris, a moderate Hugoton Republican, trailed his conservative opponent, likely marking the end of Morris' 20-year career as a legislator.

Moderate GOP senators were targeted even before they joined Democrats in resisting Brownback's successful push for income tax cuts.

But the bipartisan coalition in the Senate also has prevented conservatives from going as far as they'd like toward lessening labor unions' political influence, remaking the appellate courts and moving new public employees into a 401(k)-style pension plan.

Some moderate Republicans saw the Kansas primary as a referendum on what they called a radical conservative agenda, and Kansas Democratic Party officials said hundreds of their party's members were concerned enough to reregister temporarily as Republicans to help moderate incumbents. [link]
Despite the help from teachers unions, from Democrats, from public employees, from the press, "moderate" Republicans in Kansas have been bounced.

We the People rock!

And the world is a better place this morning.