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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morgan Griffith On Mitt Romney On Energy

From the office of Congressman Morgan Griffith:
Griffith Statement on Romney Plan for Energy Independence

Christiansburg, VA - Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) issued the following statement today on Mitt Romney's plan for energy independence:

"Four years ago, President Barack Obama promised that under his energy plan, our electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. He wants to bankrupt coal power, putting tens of thousands of hard-working coal miners out of work and driving up the cost of energy.

"He has done everything in his power to keep those promises. Fortunately for us, we have a chance this November to change direction and replace Barack Obama with a leader who believes in American energy and American coal. That leader is Mitt Romney.

"Mitt Romney's plan for Energy Independence will take the necessary steps to restore the coal industry and allow America to utilize all of its god-given natural resources. He will make it easier to dig and drill. He will pursue innovation and discovery. He will deregulate where its necessary, making it easier to gain permits and go after the oil, natural gas and coal in the ground.

"Most of all, I know Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan will pursue an all-of-the-above approach on energy and that means using our abundant coal resources in Southwest Virginia.

"I have spent the last two years fighting Barack Obama and his hand-picked EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. They have waged a war on coal that has cost jobs right here in our region. Their war on coal is driving up the cost of electricity, which disproportionately hurts the poor and senior citizens.

"With Mitt Romney in the White House, and with his plan for Energy Independence, I know that we will create jobs, grow our economy and put our country back on the right track. I look forward to working with a President who understands the importance of coal and the role it can play in our country's future."
* Received via email.